Black Revolver Original Skateboarding Club (BROSC)

A group of skaters, renegades, men of mayhem ready for mass destruction, living the skatelife at our own code. Armed with passion and desire working hand in hand with talented artists to bring killer high quality designs.
Inspired by music, art, culture, photography, urban life and especially skateboarding.

We live through our motto “Live heavy / Rock Hard / Skate Fast” “Regret Nothing, Ride Forever” “Just Ride BR” “Black Revolver is Law” “If it weren´t BR, it´d be just another brand” “Black Revolver Rules” “Built to destroy”.

If you wanted to be a part of this movement, you must represent Black Revolver or die.

Black Revolver engraved / grabado tabla bw



    Black Revolver logo  

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