We believe in the power to unite people and spread positivism. When you use Black Revolver you support projects and collaborators that make all this exist, always doing epic and legendary things.


How does your purchase or donation help to create a positive change?

Black Revolver was born in 2011 and since then we have created legendary skateboarding clothes and products. Now we have new and more missions to improve life and the context where we live, we are a company that we want to make a change and the problems we face at the national level are extremely difficult but we are committed to being part of the solution and helping.

Being pioneers in our field in taking charge in this matter, we have set out to create a positive impact and change the world by promoting:

1 / Recycling
2 / Donation of clothes
3 / Support for skaters
4 / Employment to Guatemalan maquilas in the textile industry and carpentry

Soon we will collaborate with other companies, foundations, universities and even public administrations to achieve our mission.




1 / How does your purchase or donation help recycle for the construction of furniture and accessories?

Your purchase helps us create the first generation of products made of recycled skateboarding accessories such as boards, sandpaper, trucks, tires, bearings, screws, etc. carried out in an ethical and highly masterful manner whose objective is to contribute to reducing the volume of waste in the environment with the same design and quality as the best non-recycled products, demonstrating that it is not necessary to continue using natural resources indiscriminately. We also provide work for local carpenters to grow this industry.

How does it work? We have 2 ways:

1.1 / If you donate your Black Revolver accessory you receive a 10% discount on your purchase for any skate accessory in our store.
1.2 / If you donate your accessory of any brand you receive a 5% discount on your purchase for any skate accessory in our store.





2 / How does your purchase or donation help the needy have clothes?

With your purchase or donation of clothing we recycle used clothing and send it to organizations dedicated to clothing donation.

How does it work? We have 2 ways:

2.1 / If you donate your Black Revolver garment you receive a 10% discount on your purchase for any garment in our store.
2.2 / If you donate your garment of any brand you receive a 5% discount on your purchase for any garment in our store.




3 / How does your purchase help us to help skaters?

Black Revolver has supported and sponsored skaters since its inception and your purchase helps us to continue sponsoring so they can focus on skating and climbing to a higher level.
Black Revolver is a company that works to improve the quality of life of the people with whom it works and sponsors to create a promising future for the local and international skateboarding scene and achieve a positive change.

The impact of your purchase of clothing or accessories goes much further.
Without your purchase none of this would be possible, whether it’s a t-shirt or a skateboard you are helping to create a change, to achieve these goals to improve life and grow the local skateboarding scene.




4 / How does your purchase help the Guatemalan textile and carpentry industry?

Thanks to your purchase we help companies within the Guatemalan industry making it a viable option for the generation of formal employment and national economic growth.



  1. Creo que esto es sumamente importante e inspirador para que todas las distintas empresas empiecen a generar consciencia ecológica, y podamos empezar a generar el cambio. Ustedes son una de ellas y realmente estoy orgulloso de saber que Guatemaltecos estamos generando cambios positivos también.

    1. ¡Gracias Randy por el apoyo! Vamos para adelante todo juntos \m/

  2. Muy buena idea yo soy carpintero y estoy en el movimiento skater y siempre promovi el reciclaje desde el 2009 muchas de mis rampas eran de piezas de madera reciclada asi como las palets soy fabricante tambien de muebles y patinetas demos esto se llama arte skate no solo es skateboarding es ideas y talento que os podeis transmitir a los demas saludos amigos John Grindcore production desde 2005

    1. ¡Gracias! ¡A seguirle dando bro! y también felicitaciones por promover el reciclaje \m/

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