We don’t know what adjective to put 2020 because of how garbage it was, but luckily we had the most explosive week of that damn year … because it fixed everything for us! And we still haven’t gotten over it, that’s why we remind you of it again (in case you missed one of the most explosive days in the world).

Black Revolver Shop, the only physical store (first in its class as a concept store), more than a store is your new meeting point specially designed for you, so that you can find new unique, authentic clothes and skate, of course, your favorites And not only that you can have a coffee, a beer, a Red Bull, you can get to play nintendo or just get to hang out. BR Shop opened its doors for all rebels who love style, who dare to break with the everyday and as a celebration for the 10 epic years of life that we celebrate in 2021 so that you can live a unique experience in the best place in the world world.



We started on Monday the 21st with the VIP opening, cheleando El Zapote and enjoying the musical mixes of the powerful DJ Ivan DeLarge. Once you enter the store, you are transported to a dimension loaded with pure dynamite. The laughter and memorable moments lasted all day, even public figures came to meet and share in our space, where euphoria does not allow time to be measured. It was epic and explosive!

On Tuesday December 22nd, we went crazy with live tattoos by talented tattoo artists, Josa and Josh Hernández (from Paradise Tattoo). Because ink on the skin is always a good fucking idea.

On Wednesday 23rd, Pulido, the unique artist who has made legendary collaborations with Black Revolver, performed live market customization. The garments became radioactive and addictive after that impressive intervention.

On the 24th, on the eve of Christmas, we challenged Nintendo professionals to compete for the crown of the best in the 1st Contest of one of BR’s favorite games: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Does it remind you of your best time too?

The 26th was entirely dedicated to our annual clothing donation to the victims of the Guatemala storm. The donation was delivered to the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe la Villa (zone 10). We are eternally grateful to the entire club and those who supported the cause.

On the last day, December 27, we went to break the new La Chácara z.5 skatepark where everyone participated with the best vibe in the world and of course with our motto Live Heavy, Rock Hard, Skate Fast.

This hectic week was just the beginning of the most epic thing about Black Revolver. This year 2021 we are going with everything to detonate new bombs and shots for you since all year we will be celebrating our 10 epic years.

Thank you for being part of the BR club.

We are waiting for you in your favorite flagship!

13 calle 1-51 zona 10, Torre Santa Clara 2, local 2, planta alta.
(Across from Dubai Center and Holiday Inn) Parking in Dubai Center or several around
Monday to saturday 10-19 hrs
Phone: +502 22348122
Whatsapp: +502 59002626

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