Noé Rivera, the greatest.
Skater, son, brother, friend … family.
We will always remember you “All day, every day”
RIP. 1985-2011

Noé Rivera, the most outstanding Guatemalan skater and the best national proposal Guatemala has had. Always positioning himself in the first places of the local competitions, so much, that he was the first and only one to participate in two of the most important competitions in the skateworld “Tampa AM” and “Damn AM” in the United States. Sponsored by several international and local brands, and founder of 502 Skateboards, the first brand of skateboards in Guatemala.

Noé Rivera is synonymous with excellence, he left a mark that will live forever, his contribution to the local scene can not be measured and Black Revolver is proud to pay tribute to this legend that deserves its name on a skateboard.

Black Revolver x Noé Rivera.

Thanks to all those who joined us in the launch of the homage skateboard to NOÉ RIVERA (1985-2011), the most outstanding skateboarder in Guatemala. Thanks to the Rivera family for trusting in Black Revolver and achieving this small detail of someone who more than friend is family and always live in our hearts.

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Photos: Victor Hugo Mejia and El T-NO.


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