10 years ago we unleashed the epic nuclear bomb called “BLACK REVOLVER” and exploded your mind to infinity.

BR more than a world-class company and skateboard, it is a symbol of rebellion and freedom. Today we celebrate 10 years of life, a decade of creating explosive apparel and skatebording products made by a group of misfits skaters, without fear, renegades, men of chaos prepared for mass destruction, living the skatelife with their own code.

Armed with passion and desire, we work hand in hand with Guatemalan and foreign artists to offer high-quality annihilating designs to break with the ordinary with creations for those who like to use or do different, exclusive and unique things. We live with the highest caliber to spark new experiences and drive the apparel and skateboarding scene from the best online store to your in-store meeting point.

Thank you for being part of the BR club and for supporting us in these 10 epic years. You have helped us fulfill our desire to be an international premium skate and clothing brand that supports the local scene and is distributed around the world, cementing our status as your favorite brand and the best brand in the world. We want to be that grain of sand that contributes to the country, to the local scene and to be your pride when you use our products because if it is not Black Revolver it is just another brand.

We were born to break the rules and change the world as we do best.

There is nothing more to say Thank you to each and everyone who has used, uses and will use Black Revolver!

Rebels Never Die!

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